Funds For Schools

Box Tops for Education

is the easiest way to make money for your school.

1. Get your entire school community involved.  

2. Get everyone to download the app.

3. Get your family to scan their receipts

4. Watch the money grow for your school.

Scholastic Book Fairs

allow students to shop for books and the schools gets a percentage of the sales


is an amazing fundraising idea.  Students dance their little feet off to honor the donations by their loved ones.

This dance-a-thon is not a typical dance-a-thon

It is held during the school day.

Students ask their families for donations to enter the dance-a-thon.

Only the students who donate, dances at the dance-a-thon.

A Bingo Bag party is a big money high stakes fundraiser.  You can raise thousands of dollars for your school by playing bingo.

Host a bingo bag party at your school for adults.

Charge for a seat at a table or allow families to purchase the whole table.

A free pack of bingo boards are given to each participant.

Additional boards can be purchased.

The winner of each round wins a high end bag.

Hold raffles for many different prizes between games.

Hold a 50/50 raffle

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Better Fundraising Ideas

Hosting a Chinese Auction is another way to raise lots of money for your school.  Here are some sites you may visit for some tips.

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